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    The EMAS REPORT has been submitted to the ACM SEN

KEYNOTE: Simon Mayer, TU Graz and Pro²Future GmbH

Title: Autonomous Agents for Flexible Hypermedia Systems (EMAS18-invited-talk-slides.pdf)

Abstract: The Web of Things community used to be driven by the application of Web technologies to enable flexible mashups of smart devices on top of the Internet of Things, an objective that we consider accomplished (from a research standpoint) in many different domains ranging from smart homes and cars to dynamic factories in the Industrie 4.0 paradigm. One of the next big things for us – consequently, perhaps, from an AAMAS standpoint – is to increase the autonomy of our Web-enabled devices and their understanding of one another, for instance by outfitting them with semantic descriptions of their properties and functions and, sometimes, even bestowing agency upon them. In this talk, I discuss this convergence that will enrich real-world devices with AAMAS technologies, and open up real-world applications to the AAMAS community, while examining important properties of the Web architecture that support flexibly interacting autonomous things on the Web.

Short Bio: Dr. Simon Mayer is leading the research group on Cognitive Products at Pro²Future. Before, Simon was part of Siemens' Web of Things research group in Berkeley, California in the role of a Senior Key Expert for Smart and Interacting Systems. His main research topics are aspects of integrating smart things into the Web, their semantic description, and infrastructures that support human users and machines in finding and interacting with the information and services provided by such devices. As a visiting researcher at the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity at MIT in the year 2012, he was also working on robustly and securely bringing live data from automobiles to the Web. Simon graduated with a PhD in computer science from ETH Zurich.



Álvaro Fernández Díaz, Clara Benac Earle and Lars-Ake Fredlund. Pitfalls of Jason Concurrency  (EMAS18-01.pdf)  

Alessandro Ricci, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi F. Hubner and Rem Collier. AgentSpeak(ER): Enhanced Encapsulation in Agent Plans (EMAS18-02.pdf)   

Tomás Miranda, Moharram Challenger, Baris Tezel, Omer Faruk Alaca, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão and Geylani Kardas. Improving the Usability of a MAS DSML (EMAS18-03.pdf)  

Artur Freitas, Rafael H. Bordini and Renata Vieira. Automatic Generation of Multi-Agent Programs from Ontology Models (EMAS18-04.pdf)

Massimo Cossentino, Luca Sabatucci and Valeria Seidita. Lesson Learnt from Designing Self-Adaptive Systems with MUSA (EMAS18-05.pdf

Akin Gunay and Amit Chopra. Stellar: A Programming Model for Developing Protocol-compliant Agents (EMAS18-06.pdf)


Michael Winikoff, Louise Dennis and Michael Fisher. Slicing Agent Programs for more Efficient Verification (EMAS18-07.pdf)  

Eleonora Giunchiglia. Computing the Initial Requirements in Conditioned Behavior Trees (EMAS18-08.pdf)


Lukasz Bialek, Barbara Dunin-Keplicz and Andrzej Szałas. Belief Shadowing (EMAS18-09.pdf)  

Mariela Morveli Espinoza, Juan Carlos Nieves, Ayslan Possebom and Cesar A. Tacla. Resolving Incompatibilities among Procedural Goals under Uncertainty (EMAS18-10.pdf

Timotheus Kampik, Juan Carlos Nieves and Helena Lindgren. Towards empathic autonomous agents (EMAS18-11.pdf

László Zsolt Varga. Intertemporal Equilibrium in Online Routing Games (EMAS18-12.pdf)


Igor Conrado Alves de Lima, Luis Gustavo Nardin and Jaime Simão Sichman. Gavel: A sanctioning enforcement framework (EMAS18-13.pdf)  

John Bruntse Larsen. Adding Organizational Reasoning to Agent-Based Simulations in GAMA (EMAS18-14.pdf

Tasio Méndez, J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada, Carlos A. Iglesias and Paul Cummings. A Model of Radicalization Growth using Agent-based Social Simulation (EMAS18-15.pdf)


Inga Rüb and Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz. BDI Model of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (EMAS18-16.pdf)  

Andrei Ciortea, Olivier Boissier and Alessandro Ricci. Engineering World-Wide Multi-Agent Systems with Hypermedia (EMAS18-17.pdf)  

Vincent Koeman, Harm Griffioen, Danny Plenge and Koen Hindriks. Designing a Cognitive Agent Connector for Complex Environments: A Case Study with StarCraft (EMAS18-18.pdf)  

Maira Gatti de Bayser, Claudio Pinhanez, Heloisa Candello, Marisa Affonso Vasconcelos, Mauro Pichiliani, Melina Alberio Guerra, Paulo Cavalin and Renan Souza. Ravel: A MAS orchestration platform for Human-Chatbots Conversations (EMAS18-19.pdf, EMAS18-19-appendix.pdf)  

Antonio Chella, Francesco Lanza and Valeria Seidita. Human-Agent Interaction, the System Level Using JASON (EMAS18-20.pdf)  

Orso Negroni, Anthoni Othmani, Arthur Casals and Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni. Exposing agents as web services in JADE (EMAS18-21.pdf)


Papers can also be found in this folder, and slides in this one.