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The EMAS REPORT has been submitted to the ACM SEN

Day 1: Saturday, 14 July 2018

8:30-8:35: WELCOME (EMAS18-opening-closing-slides.pdf)

8:35-9:30: KEYNOTE
[chair: Alessandro Ricci]
Simon Mayer, TU Graz and Pro²Future GmbH
   Title: Autonomous Agents for Flexible Hypermedia Systems
   Abstract and short bio

9:30-10:00: Podium Time - session I: PROGRAMMING AGENTS AND MAS [chair: Michael Winikoff]
    9:30-9:45: Álvaro Fernández Díaz, Clara Benac Earle and Lars-Ake Fredlund. Pitfalls of Jason Concurrency (EMAS18-01.pdf, EMAS18-01-slides.pdf)
    9:45-10:00: Alessandro Ricci, Rafael H. Bordini, Jomi F. Hubner and Rem Collier. AgentSpeak(ER): Enhanced Encapsulation in Agent Plans (EMAS18-02.pdf, EMAS18-02-slides.pdf)
10:00-10:30 Coffee break

10:30-11:30:  Podium Time - session II:   AOSE [chair: Viviana Mascardi]
10:30-10:45: Tomás Miranda, Moharram Challenger, Baris Tezel, Omer Faruk Alaca, Vasco Amaral, Miguel Goulão and Geylani Kardas. Improving the Usability of a MAS DSML (EMAS18-03.pdf, EMAS18-03-slides.pdf)
    10:45-11.00: Artur Freitas, Rafael H. Bordini and Renata Vieira. Automatic Generation of Multi-Agent Programs from Ontology Models (EMAS18-04.pdf, EMAS18-04-slides.pdf)
    11:00.11:15: Massimo Cossentino, Luca Sabatucci and Valeria Seidita. Lesson Learnt from Designing Self-Adaptive Systems with MUSA (EMAS18-05.pdf, EMAS18-05-slides.pdf)
    11:15-11:30: Akin Gunay and Amit Chopra. Stellar: A Programming Model for Developing Protocol-compliant Agents (EMAS18-06.pdf, EMAS18-06-slides.pdf)

11:30-11:55:  Podium Time - session III: FORMAL ANALYSIS & TECHNIQUES [chair: Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni]
    11:30-11:45: Michael Winikoff, Louise Dennis and Michael Fisher. Slicing Agent Programs for more Efficient Verification  (EMAS18-07.pdf, EMAS18-07-slides)  
    11:45-11.55: Eleonora Giunchiglia. Computing the Initial Requirements in Conditioned Behavior Trees (EMAS18-08.pdf, EMAS18-08-slides.pdf)

11:55-12:40:  Podium Time - session IV: RATIONAL AGENTS TECHNIQUES [chair: Louise Dennis]
    11:55-12:10: Lukasz Bialek, Barbara Dunin-Keplicz and Andrzej Szałas. Belief Shadowing (EMAS18-09.pdf, EMAS18-09-slides.pdf)
    12:10-12:20: Mariela Morveli Espinoza, Juan Carlos Nieves, Ayslan Possebom and Cesar A. Tacla. Resolving Incompatibilities among Procedural Goals under Uncertainty (EMAS18-10.pdf, EMAS18-10-slides.pdf)
    12:20-12:30: Timotheus Kampik, Juan Carlos Nieves and Helena Lindgren. Towards empathic autonomous agents  (EMAS18-11.pdf, EMAS18-11-slides.pdf)  
    12:30-12:40: László Zsolt Varga. Intertemporal Equilibrium in Online Routing Games (EMAS18-12.pdf, EMAS18-12-slides.pdf)

12:40-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-15:00: Joint Panel with Goal Reasoning Workshop (GRW) [moderator: Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni]
   Panellists: Michael T. Cox, Koen Hindriks, Hector Munoz-Avila, M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Michael Winikoff (GRW-EMAS-2018-slides.pdf)

15:00-15:35: Podium Time - session V - MODELING & SIMULATIONS [chair: László Zsolt Varga]
    15:00-15:15: Igor Conrado Alves de Lima, Luis Gustavo Nardin and Jaime Simão Sichman. Gavel: A sanctioning enforcement framework (EMAS18-13.pdf, EMAS18-13-slides.pdf)
    15:15-15:25: John Bruntse Larsen. Adding Organizational Reasoning to Agent-Based Simulations in GAMA (EMAS18-14.pdf, EMAS18-14-slides.pdf)
    15:25-15:35: Tasio Méndez, J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada, Carlos A. Iglesias and Paul Cummings. A Model of Radicalization Growth using Agent-based Social Simulation (EMAS18-15.pdf, EMAS18-15-slides.pdf)

15:35-16:00: Coffee break

16:00-17:10: Podium Time - session VI: FRAMEWORKS AND APPLICATION DOMAINS [chair: Viviana Mascardi]
    16:00-16:15: Inga Rüb and Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz. BDI Model of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (EMAS18-16.pdf, EMAS18-16-slides.pdf)
    16:15-16:30: Andrei Ciortea, Olivier Boissier and Alessandro Ricci. Engineering World-Wide Multi-Agent Systems with Hypermedia (EMAS18-17.pdf, EMAS18-17-slides.pdf, EMAS18-17-movie.m4v)
    16:30-16:40: Vincent Koeman, Harm Griffioen, Danny Plenge and Koen Hindriks. Designing a Cognitive Agent Connector for Complex Environments: A Case Study with StarCraft (EMAS18-18.pdf, EMAS18-18-slides.pdf)
    16:40-16:50: Maira Gatti de Bayser, Claudio Pinhanez, Heloisa Candello, Marisa Affonso Vasconcelos, Mauro Pichiliani, Melina Alberio Guerra, Paulo Cavalin and Renan Souza. Ravel: A MAS orchestration platform for Human-Chatbots Conversations (EMAS18-19.pdf, EMAS18-19-appendix.pdf, EMAS18-19-slides.pdf)
    16:50-17:00: Antonio Chella, Francesco Lanza and Valeria Seidita. Human-Agent Interaction, the System Level Using JASON (EMAS18-20.pdf, EMAS18-20-slides.pdf)
    17:00-17:10: Orso Negroni, Anthoni Othmani, Arthur Casals and Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni. Exposing agents as web services in JADE (EMAS18-21.pdf, EMAS18-21-slides.pdf, EMAS18-21-movie.mp4)

17:10-18:00:  Discussion - session I (preparation)
    the co-chairs present the discussion topics and ask the audience to add topics if they want
    the people in the room select a topic of their choice
    groups of max 7 people are formed
    the co-chairs give some guidelines to steer the discussion within groups

Day 2: Sunday, 15 July 2018

9:00-10:00: Breakout session I
    each group works on the selected topic

10:00-10:30 Coffee break

10:30-11:15: Intermediary plenary session I

11:15-12:30: Breakout session II
    each group works on the selected topic

12:30-14:00: Lunch break

14:00-14:45: Breakout session III
    each group prepares a few slides with a summary of the outcome of the discussions in their group

14:45-15:30: Final Plenary Session
    each group presents their slides with the results that can then be discussed
    the co-chairs conclude with a wrap up

  •     Group 1, Cognitive Agent Architectures
        Rem Collier, Louise Dennis, Lars-åke Freland, Vincent Koeman, Sam Leask, Brian Logan, Juan Carlos Nieves (group1-slides.pdf)
  •     Group 2, AgentSpeak++?
        John Bruntse Larsen, Angelo Ferrando, Julian Padget, Alessandro Ricci, Michael Winikoff (group2-slides.pdf)
  •     Group 3, Learning & MAS
        Danny Weyns,  Eleonora Giunchiglia, Timotheus Kampik, Tasio Mendez, Zahia Guessoum (group3-slides.pdf)
  •     Group 4, State of affairs and challenges with cognitive agent/MAS programming & their applications
        Arthur Casals, Andrei Ciortea, Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, Viviana Mascardi, Valeria Seidita, László Zsolt Varga (group4-slides.pdf)

    15:30-16:00: Coffee break

    16:00-17:15:  Panel About EMAS Papers & reviews [moderator: Danny Weyns]
        community discussion about what kind of papers should be considered relevant/significant/... for EMAS and how the reviews should reflect this
        Panellists: Andrei Ciortea (Andrei-Ciortea.pdf), Eleonora Giunchiglia (Eleonora-Giunchiglia.pdf), Vincent Koeman (Vincent-Koeman.pdf), Tasio Mendéz (Tasio-Mendez.pdf), Juan Carlos Nieves (Juan-Carlos-Nieves.pdf), László Zsolt Varga (Laszlo-Z-Varga.pdf)

    17:15-17:30: Wrap up (EMAS18-opening-closing-slides.pdf)


Papers can also be found in this folder, and slides in this one.